We are just a young family living life in the city. We like to do a lot of things ourselves, learning and making some mistakes as we go. A little bit crunchy, modern, and definitely homemade.

Meet the bloggers:

Hi I am Heather. Wife to Andrew. Mom to Willa and Harvey. Creative Left-brained. Full time Mama. Babywearer. Menu-Planner. Gardener. Semi-homeschooler. Scratch cooker. Pragmatist who loves to follows the whims of Andrew.

Hi Andrew here. I am an an arts aficionado disguised as marketing director. I love music, the arts, and I often let my inner geek shine through. I fancy myself as a household handyman–a modern day jack of all trades. My hobbies include: playing music [on a myriad of instruments including but not limited to viola, piano, drums, guitar and sleigh bells], photography, cooking, hiking and being my daughter’s jungle gym.


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