Santa’s Workshop

With Thanksgiving being so late this year, Christmas is quickly sneaking up on us, and Andrew affectionately referred to us as elves as we are trying to capitalize on weekend nap-time to complete Willa’s Christmas gifts. This year Willa’s big gift from Santa is a play kitchen. After seeing how much fun she had playing with her cousin’s play kitchen we wanted to give Willa her own.
I am not adamantly against plastic toys (Willa has several), but I love the timeless aspect of wooden ones. Many of the play kitchens out on the market are plastic and the wooden ones available were way out of our small Christmas budget. So I began to scour the internet to try and find a way to make a play kitchen. Apparently making play kitchens out of entertainment centers are quite popular (thank you Pinterest) which in turn has driven up the market, at least in our area, on old entertainment centers. Used ones were running $50 and upwards, then all the other costs to rework it put us in the same boat as before with buying a manufactured kitchen. Then I found one on Young House Love to model off. We are about halfway through comepleting this project. Here is the before picture of the cabinet we scored for  $15 at the Habitat restore.


With every play kitchen, there has to be play food! I have been working on felt food and wooden “boxed” food items. Unfortunately we are in one of those great limbo states in the middle of multiple projects with none completed. Hopefully the wooden boxed food items will be completed by the end of today (with a post to coincide). With all these projects, Christmas baking may not get done, but at least Willa can make us some pretend cookies come Christmas morning!


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