Creating a “Big Girl” Room

I know that we have been away for a while…two little evil words are to blame: stomach bug. Yes it ravaged our household. We all got it at different times…yay us! Andrew has an awesome post in the works about an Ikea hack he did to make Willa a learning tower. I do promise that he will make a post one of these days…He has been working on the blog, mostly behind the scenes.

I have about a million ideas floating around in my head for my next project. Included are some baby gift ideas as I have a few close friends who are expecting. BUT what has been on the forefront of my mind are ideas for Willa’s new room. The only reason that we are moving her room is for more space. She has a lot more stuff than she did a year ago and we are running out of room in our cozy home. We decided if we move her into the larger guest room, then some of her toys can be stored in her room, including a train table that she hasn’t even used because of space issues…ugh.

I have begun to create a color scheme and have started to buy a few things…we are trying to buy a few things a month to fray the costs and keep them within our monthly budget. I have been inspired by a remnant fabric I picked up around the time Willa was born. I only have about 1/3 of a yard, so I am still unsure of how I am going to incorporate it, but it will be in the room somewhere! Here is a glimpse of the fabric…

Willa's Big Girl Room Inspiration Fabric

Willa’s Big Girl Room Inspiration Fabric

This mood board hopefully gives you an idea of some of things that I am hoping to accomplish in her room!

Toddler Room Mood Board

Toddler Room Mood Board

1. So we got this steal of a deal on a train table on Craigslist in August. It’s similar to this Melissa and Doug Version. We paid $40 for it…which was about $10 less than the going price on Craigslist in our area. When we got home we found the drawers stocked with a plastic train set…awesome! The previous owner apparently loved stickers, so we will be removing those on the side and painting the green tabletop. I want to paint it a yellow color like the mood board to tie into the color scheme.

2. Willa just has developed an interest in baby dolls. She always wants me to swaddle them and put them to bed. Currently they sleep a lot on the couch or floor, but I think that she is ready to have a baby doll cradle. Growing up we had a white wooden one…so I called up my mom and asked if they still had it and they do! My mom said that it is in need of some minor repairs and a paint job. We are going to paint it turquoise with leftover paint from her rocking horse that we refinished for her 1st birthday. Okay here a cute pic of that…Rocking Horse
3. Funny story about the bed. We went to Ikea to get Willa a chair (which we got), but she also picked out a bed. She ran across the children’s area and hopped into this toddler bed which extends to a twin bed. At only $129 and $99 for a mattress…not too bad. This bed gives me the look of a Jenny Lind, but at only a small fraction of the price!

4. The wall color…oh how I am loving grey walls right now. About four years ago, we painted over the ketchup and mustard walls in the kitchen (yes they were literally those colors on alternating walls) with Manhattan Mist by Behr. I still love it, well and so did my Dad…he painted his living room and dining room the same color. While I LOVE this color, it does have a hint of blue in it, so Andrew and I have decided on another Behr paint color. We love Behr paint and have found it to cover really well (no endorsement here, just actually love their paint). This color is Dolphin Fin. We will most likely get it in an eggshell or satin finish. We never go flat because it leaves marks on the wall when you wash them, and I have a toddler, a dog, and well a husband…enough said. We will do the trim in Ultra Pure White. In our upstairs, the original trim was previously painted, so I feel no guilt in painting over the 100 year old wood.

5. Our Expedit shelf has been with us for six years. It was moved into Willa’s nursery to be used as a bookshelf and for storage, as we bought eight drawers for it. It will be moving into the big girl room used in pretty much the same way.

6. This is a vinyl decal that we are considering for the wall. We aren’t set on this one per se, but we know we want something to do with music–something central to the essence of our family. We might paint a mural or design something to make our own decal…it helps to have a husband who knows people in the printing business!

7. Ok so I found this idea on pinterest, but the link was dead. Basically we are planning on buying a metal trash can and painting it either the yellow we choose for the train table, or the turquoise from rocking horse. I will make a hamper sack to line it, probably in a white muslin.

8. I love chevron print. I was planning on make curtains in a chevron print for the room, but we were on our weekly Target trip and I happened to go down the bedding aisle and I found this bedding. It was on sale and we had a $10 off coupon. It came in around $40 for the comforter, sham, and sheet set. This is easier than lining up prints for curtains and cheaper than I can make a quilt.

9. My inspiration fabric. Like I said it was remnant fabric. I did a little research to find the name it is called Timeless Treasures RC Washi Floral Grey. It was make spring 2012. I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere anymore, but I have enough to make something special.  Be on the lookout for this surprise usage!


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