Fat Quarter Burp Cloths

I know that I have been off the scene for a little while. I keep thinking that life is going to slow down, but it seems to be the opposite. I have been busy dabbling with a few things for Willa’s big girl room. You can read more about that here. We have the baby doll cradle and have begun repairs…it’s ending up to be more extensive than we originally anticipated. Andrew has it all clamped up currently. BUT, more on that later.

What has been consuming most of my time has been baby shower gifts. A few of my girlfriends are expecting and I have been fervently working to make them gifts for their little precious ones that will be arriving soon. This is most likely going to be a short series of posts as I have made several items that are going into gift baskets.

The first thing I made were burp cloths. The thing that every new mom can never have enough of. I thought that I had too many (I had more than 30, I think) and there were a few times that we had the dreaded moment of, “honey,  where are all the burp cloths?” Making burp clothes yourself is fairly inexpensive and adds a personal touch to any gift. I received a set of homemade burp cloths and receiving blankets from my aunt and cousins; those were much more special than those that were store bought.

Knowing that I had several new babies arriving which I wanted to shower with some love, I have been watching sales and perusing the the flannel fabric sections of my local fabric stores. Just a hint, both my local stores (Jo-ann and Hancock) both have a nursery print section with flannel and a flannel section. They go on sale at different times, so look in both places! However, where I found the best deals were in the fat quarter section…yes they have flannel! Each one is around  a dollar. Score!

Ok, so here is the EASIEST way to make burp cloths

1.Pre-wash the fabric (I use a “free” type detergent so it is ready for baby use). This accounts for any shrinkage. If it shrinks after it is sewn, things get wonky.
2.Fold fabric in half  so print is on the outside (told you this would be easy!).
3.Serge around the edges, and done!


Burp Cloths

Like I said, the easiest burp cloths and inexpensive too!




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