Meal Plans

I loosely meal plan. As in I choose about five meals each week to make. I rarely plan for which meal will be prepared for which day because, you know, life…especially with two littles. I started to do this when I first had Willa, after I quit my job. Even penny counted then, so I had to plan carefully for grocery trips. Now, I do it because if I don’t, we’d be eating PB&J every night because mommy brain is real and sucks the life out of me.

My MIL has always struggled with menu planning and had asked me several times to help her out. I finally started to type out what we are eating and send it on over to her and her husband. She’s got some food allergies, so I try to help her out by linking egg-free/dairy free recipes (or ones where substitutions are easy). I try to link recipes when and where I can, as most of what I cook, I don’t have a recipe for…yet 😉